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Monday, November 2, 2009


Happy 36th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!
We love you!!

Sorry I don't have one of your lovely wedding pictures scanned in here... But thanks for being such wonderful parents and GRANDparents :) You are the best, and we are soooo grateful for you!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Important Stuff

Lots of wonderful things have happened over the past months. We have two new grandbabies ... Ciaran Oliver Joseph Mellor was born May 18, and Teresa Brigid Milligan arrived on May 29. They are beautiful! Also, Fiona and Erin and their families have been here May/June/and will extend into the first part of July. We have all had fun with our togetherness and especially watching all the little grandchildren enjoy each other's company. I will attempt to post some photos.

Ciaran Oliver Joseph MELLOR born May 18 and his younger cousin, Teresa Brigid MILLIGAN born May 29 (Picture taken June 25).

Grandad & Granny holding the two new babies.

Nuala, Bran, Liam, Colin, and Brigit eating blueberries.

Five cousins holding hands (and Erin and Pauline)

Brigit & Nuala in their pink hats, and Liam behind.

Liam and Brigit playing, and Colin with Erin & Pauline on swing

Digging the potatoes June 1st ... Liam, Brigit, and Granny

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More pictures

I have been told that when I have new pictures I should put them on our family blog... so I will try ...

This is Aislinn, Tara, Mom... and Aine and Maire
in front of table, at Tara's shower given by her visiting teachers on Apr 25.

Mom Milligan, Tara, and Mom Ricker at Tara's shower

Tara with the beautiful cake!!!

In the middle of opening presents.....

All done opening presents!

The jasmine is blooming so nicely, and smells great ... (ouside our back door) Apr 24

Hope you enjoyed the pics; I'll try to post more ... eventually ... when I figure out how to do this blogging w/o spending so much time, and without having to appeal for help from Gary ... who seems to be able to figure it out much faster ...

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's been a l-o-n-g while; here are some pictures...

We do not have such exciting lives that posting about ourselves often is warranted.... boring, more likely. However, this is a good spot to put pictures for all to view I suppose.

We had a great time with Patrick, Maire, Aine, Declan, and Rowan when they spent about a week with us over their Spring Break (Mar 17-21). Luckily, the weather was great ... so we were outdoors a good bit. We went to Cibolo Wilderness, the park, Inflatable Wonderland, and of course the Dollar Store (after they earned $2 each picking up sticks in the back yard, and keeping their stuff tidy...). We also went to the library for story hour on March 18. The lady asked if anyone could dance an Irish Jig (she was doing stories about Ireland...) ... P, M, and A raised their hands and were invited to dance, so they did, in their running shoes and jeans! Everyone was properly impressed! Here are some pictures of when the children were here.

Aislinn and children with Granny at a park in Marble Falls (St Patrick's Day)

Maire, Aine, Declan, Patrick and Rowan w/Granny on tree roots at the Cibolo Park.

The children w/ Uncle Gary.

Rowan in the water

This is a picture of Aine dunking, and Rowan {in green stripes}.....



The spuds growing...pic taken about end of March...

Spuds, pic taken today (Apr 13, 2009)

another of the spuds ... same day

yet another of the spuds ... same day

another garden w/spuds (Apr 13, 2009)...

Marcus being a nice horsey...with Maire, Declan, and Rowan as passengers.

Whew, I probably posted too many pictures ... esp of the garden, since they all look about the same. At least I did post!! {I hafta admit that it was with Gary's help... for which I am grateful.} We'll try to post more regularly ... maybe every 3 months instead of every 6 months... and then there won't need to be so many pictures, and it may be "easier."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

A smart(?) Squirrel and Hurricane Ike Visitors

Surprise, another post! Below are two pictures that show a very hungry squirrel and his or her attempts today to feed at the wonderful new bird feeders that we have placed in the back yard. In the first picture, the squirrel is on the cage feeder on the left, with his (or her) tail in the air. The second picture shows the squirrel on the top of the contraption trying to decide which feeder would be the best to attack. Mom is the photographer, but she didn't see how the squirrel got up on the feeders nor did she watch long enough to see how the squirrel got down.

I guess the squirrel isn't really that smart, because over on the big tree on the left, but not in the picture is a 3/4 full squirrel feeder with all types of goodies they like. Again, this is Dad posting even though it says Mom posted it.

We all remember Ike and the destruction it caused in Galveston and Houston. All of our cousins there were ok, and very little damage (mostly trees and fences) to their homes, but many days without electricity. So, on the Sunday night after Ike we welcomed Aunt Rosario, Robert Owen and Jenna and their children and Ruth and James and their children for a short visit to an air conditioned home. They wanted to give the children a break from all the mess at Houston and so came and spent Sunday night with us and then on Monday they met Aislinn and her children and Tara at the Natural Bridge Safari park near New Braunfels for a good time. We enjoyed having them.

Back row: James and David, next row, Caitlyn, Ruth, Aunt Rosario, Robert Owen, Jenna and Bailey, next row: Aimee, Tyler, Peyton, Lainey, Trey, and in front: Havana

Graduation and California, posted by David even if it says Pauline at the bottom

Finally, the post you have been waiting for! It has been very interesting trying to get all the photos arranged the right way, so, after many tries, we are just going to go with the way they are and include some commentary. Further commentary is at the bottom of this post. I could not figure out how to copy it and place it up here.

At Aunt Carolyn's, Aislinn taking the picture.
The two pictures on the right are of the proud Grads and the BYU sign and of course the symbolic ride on the Cougar!

While the pictures show the fun we had, what is not shown is the two flat tires we had on this trip. The first heading into California and the second heading out of California. We ended up with a whole set of new tires! They were in good shape before we left on the trip, but apparently we hit some rough road and caused the van to need an alignment, and extra wear and tear on the tires.

On the left is Jenny, Aunt Eliz, Margaret Halpenny (with whom we all stayed) and Mom.
Below is a picture of the ladies taking a break from shopping on Rodeo Drive.

This is Tom Halpenny who can really cook up a great steak! He is a farrier by trade (That means he is a blacksmith, kids).
On the right is Charite and me, taken in her condo. Below is a picture with Uncle Brendan in the chapel area of his church. We had a great visit with him. A great guy.

Above is Mom and Auntie Eliz in front of Tom and Margaret's home. To the left is proof that we found our way to Beverly Hills. Never did see the Clampetts. Below is Mom, Margaret, Jenny, Auntie Eliz and me on the back porch of Margaret's home.

The picture below shows that we were also able to find Tijuana, Mexico and the many fun things to do there, most of which included shopping and a long wait at customs when returning to San Diego. What a great "zebra"!

This picture is of Auntie Eliz, Mom, Jenny and Emma in front of "The Auld Sod" pub in San Diego. The owner is from Pee's area in Ireland and Auntie Eliz knows him. He wasn't there, but the photo opportunity was.

The following is what I wrote first, but couldn't get the pictures to add after the post.
Finally, the post you have been waiting for! We had a great trip this past August. We pointed the Safari north and west on the 11th of August, headed to Utah for Tara and Marcus's graduation. It was a grand time in Provo; BYU was great and the ceremonies were inspiring. Elder Richard G. Scott was the commencement speaker and he received an Honorary Doctorate.
Aislinn and Rowan were able to join us for the festivities and we enjoyed sharing our hotel with them. Rowan was great, but Aislinn was a bit noisy. (Of course, she had help from Mom!) We also had a nice visit with Marcus's parents and a delicious graduation dinner at an Indian restaurant. Aunt Darlene and Aunt Jean were able to attend and celebrate with us. It was good to see them. Unfortunately, everyone forgot to take pictures at the dinner. We were also able to visit with Aunt Carolyn in Logan. We really enjoyed our visit with her and another opportunity to see the lovely Cache Valley. After helping T & M pack up their belongings for their move to Texas, we saw them off to the south and east and we headed west and south to visit California and met up with Auntie Eliz, her daughter Jenny and Jenny's friend Emma.
All in all, we had a great trip (minus the flat tires) and of course, were happy to return home. The Safari clicked over 200,000 miles by the time we returned, over 5,000 miles on this trip.